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ECOStec is ECOS’ technology brand, an environmental, coastal engineering and R&D consulting agency. 

It was created with the objective of channeling the various R&D projects developed by us, mainly in the water and sea sector. 

ECOStec develop innovative solutions in brine and wastewater management aimed to minimize impacts and improve the environment.


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ECOStec developed the V+1, a jet eductor based in Venturi Technologies to minimize the impact of the brine discharge in the marine environment.

In the framework of SME Instrument of 2020 horizon, ECOStec has developed a new solution to minimize the impact of the brine discharges in the marine environment.

The device, the V+1, is based in convencional Venturi Jet Eductors, emerges as a promising solution to eliminate the negative effects of brine discharges, and it can be easily installed in current and planned desalination plants.

V+1 provides a proven 43% higher dilution capacity, which represents an outstanding technological leap to overcome the environmental barriers that are holding back the full deployment of desalination plants.

Modelling and simulations based on technical studies and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for far and near field mixing predictions, estimate the potential dilution capacity of V+1 in more than 2,3 times higher than conventional diffusers (131% more efficient). The main reasons are:

The suction zone is 360° around the narrow section, ensuring a suction capacity of 4 units of volume of ambient seawater to 1 of brine output, multiplying the final flow by five and enhancing the mixing capacity between the brine and the seawater towards the near-field dilution.

Higher velocities of 11 m/s are reached without requiring an additional pump of impulsion system and increasing the range of the parabolic jet trajectory up to 16 m from the discharge point. This exit velocity does not cause drops in pressure that could lead to problems of cavitation in the diffuser.

The system is modular and flexible, with interchangeable parts that can be adapted to variable discharge flows (e.g. when reverse osmosis racks are added into operation sequentially and simultaneously).
It provides reliability as it is composed of fiberglass reinforced polyester and secured to the sea floor with clamps and mooring blocks, avoiding leakages or accidental discharges.
V+1 is compatible with any kind of discharge system, even when co-discharging with other types of effluents to dilute the brines exists.


ECOStec arises in order to commercialize an innovative product to eliminate the impact of brine discharge into the marine environment. From a research project, join to the Technological Institute of the Canary Islands, ELMASA Water Technology and Canaragua, the first prototype of Venturi diffuser was developed.
ECOStec has carried out innovative improvement of the prototype to launch at global market, taking advantage of being Beneficiary of the SME Instrument call for 2020 Horizon of the European Union.
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