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who we are

ECOSTEC is a company specialized in the development of innovative solutions for the sustainable management of discharges into the sea.

It emerged as the technological brand of ECOS, an environmental and coastal engineering consultancy specialized in the marine sector, with a cumulative experience of 12 years providing environmental and marine consultancy services to the desalination and wastewater industries.

ECOSTEC was born in 2009 after a long experience in the evaluation and monitoring of poorly designed desalination and wastewater plants discharges that have strong environmental impacts on marine biodiversity.

our main product


“Brine increases the sea temperature and decreases the Oxygen in the sea water causing serious damage to aquatic life”.  – by Dr. Quadir Manzoor, Ph.D., UNU-INWEH

In order to follow our environmental mission we developed BRINE V+1: the cost-efficient and environment-friendly solution to solve the brine disposal problem in order to minimize the negative impact into the marine life.

BRINE V+1 is based on venturi jet eductors and represents the solution to eliminate the negative effects of brine discharges by an easy installation in current and planned desalination plants.




It is the system for real-time monitoring of water quality with Big Data tools.

ECOS has developed a smart monitoring system that offers real-time transmission and interpretation of data about water quality and customized reports about customer needs




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