Our Vision

Be a worldwide leading company in the protection of the marine biodiversity-ecosystem by tackling problems with greater capacity that have occurred due to climate change.

Our Mission

ECOS develops and introduces into the market innovative and cost-saving solutions for water industries with the goals of protecting the marine environment from land-based activities, transforming the desalination industry in a greening business and making the brine discharge sustainable.

Lolo & Goro

Lolo & Goro


We design and implement sustainable solutions for your business

Innovation Development

Years of Experience


Projects Completed

Projects Ongoing

  • Modeling & Dispersion studies
  • Submarine outfalls design
  • Ecofriendly discharges
  • Submarine outfalls retrofit
  • Monitoring & Control discharge projects
  • Water quality projects
  • Research & Development
  • Spain
  • Cape verde
  • Chile
  • Malta
  • Colombia
  • Libya
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Morocco
  • United Arab Emirates

  • Monitoring & Control of brine discharges
  • Monitoring & Control of wastewater discharges
  • Diffuser sections design
  • Environmental friendly discharges design
  • Modelling & Dispersion Studiesmodeling
  • Submarine outfalls retrofit

Meet Our People.

Grants for the Incorporation of Innovative Personnel into the productive fabric.
Ministry of Economy, Industry, Trade and Knowledge of the Canary Islands.
Canary Islands Smart Specialization Strategy 2014-2020 (RIS3).
European Social Fund.

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Ecos, Estudios Ambientales y Oceanografía S.L.

Calle Alfred Nobel, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain