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Smart Tracking & Monitoring

B2SENSOR represents the system for real-time monitoring of water quality with Big Data tools, developed to provide immediate and effective feedback to the constant need for data.


Benefits & Applications

ECOSTEC offers a solution for the collection, interpretation, and processing of marine environment data to obtain updated reports and to compliance quickly with the requirements by environmental institutes.

  • Early detection of hydrocarbons
  • Monitoring and control of maritime works, “dredged”
  • Measurement and quality control of bathing water

Customized Services

  • Real-time ad-hoc data visualization and management
  • Generation of periodic reports
  • Creation of notices and alerts
  • Personalized information management tool

Have a question? Have a look at our FAQ.

What information do the reports contain?

The co-design stage with the customer to define specific needs allows setting the most useful and relevant information. Then you will be provided with both the data obtained and analysis and interpretation of these. The report will contain data, analyzes, and interpretations of the information requested.

Do I have to manage the installation of the B2Sensor device?

After the permission request concerning the current regulation, ECOStec could provide the installation of the B2Sensor equipment.

Is it possible to receive alerts?

B2Sensor is a personalized service that sends alerts according to the customer needs and settings (for example, any value excess of the pre-established threshold limit of a parameter).

What parameters can I monitor?

Any parameter related to the proper sensor in the market that the customer needs. A report will be provided according to the customer needs.

How often will I receive my results report?

The reports are customized and can be received according to customer timing needs (daily, biweekly, monthly, etc.).

Can I visualize the data from my devices?

Yes, they can be viewed from any device with internet access.

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